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1. All designs on this site are copyright 7thAvenueDesigns. All rights reserved. Please do not share these products/files with others. Please do not alter the templates and resell as your own designs.
2. Due to digital nature of the products offered, NO REFUNDS will be given! Please contact me if you have any questions.
Q. What software do I need to be able to use these templates?
A, We recommend that you use Adobe Photoshop to work with the templates offered in our store. Photoshop Elements might work but we cannot guarantee that.
Q. Can I customize the templates?
A. Yes! All the templates are saved as layered photoshop files. Each file includes a background, design element and photo mask(s) layers. Some templates might have the design elements merged into the background, but these are only a few and will be specified in the product description.
Q. How do I change the colors of the design elements in the template?
A. Simply double click on the layer. A 'Layer Style' window will pop up. Click 'Color Overlay', choose the color that you want and click OK.
Q. How do I clip my photo into the photo mask?
A. Here is a simple tutorial to follow in our blog: http://7thavenuedesign.com/blog/?p=22
Q. How do I load the custom shapes into Photoshop?
A. Go to Edit>Preset Manager. Choose 'Custom Shapes' on the Preset Type dropdown. Click Load then choose the folder where you saved your custom shapes and click on the custom shape file then click Open. Your new custom shapes are now available to use through the 'Custom Shapes' toolbar.
Q. Where do you suggest for printing?
A. Some of templates are created with templates from WHCC and Millers Lab and Pro Digital Photos. With minor adjustment they can be used to print at other lab too.