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Today I am excited to announce an amazing giveaway brought to you by an even more amazing group of photography businesses! 17 bloggers have teamed up to bring you a GIVEAWAY valued over $1,700!!! What better way to kick off summer than to have the chance of winning a HUGE Giveaway as well as 17 freebies from all the participating bloggers. To receive the freebies follow each of the participants links (don’t forget to leave a comment saying THANK YOU!) To enter the giveaway, follow the rafflecopter link at the bottom of the post or go HERE.

Good luck!

DSisk Photography | Summerana | For You, With Love | Melissa Davis Designs

Beauty Divine Design | WordSmith for Photographers | 7th Avenue Designs | Oh Snap Boutique

Creative Motion Design | SewTamz Design | Prairie Sweet Boutique | Laura Novak Photo Education

Go4Pro Photos | Chic Critique Forum | My Photo Biz Coach

Nifty Knowledge Rocks | Photography Spark

Here is our Freebie for the Blog Block Party:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

FREE Textures and TUTORIAL : How to Use Textures on your photos

Hello everyone!! :)

I love using textures, love how textures add quick oomph to my photos. It also allows your creativity to soar and create a new piece of art. So today I’ll be sharing a new tutorial on how to use textures on your photos, hope it’ll be useful to someone :)
1. First open up your photo and texture of your choice.
2. Drag your texture and place it above your photo layer, resize and move as needed

3. Click on the layer blending modes

You see a list of blending modes, play around with each one of them. I usually use Soft Light or Overlay. You can also play with the opacity to achieve the look you desire.
Here is Soft Light blend:

Here with overlay blend mode:

If you don’t want the texture to affect the skin area, you can mask out the face.
Click on the layer mask button:

Choose a soft black brush with opacity around 70-80% and start painting on the face until you like how it looks. The mask would look like this:

And here is the final result:

See how it looks nicer with no textures on the skin.
Here is a close up on the texture:

The key to using textures is to play around.. to have fun :)
And here is a set of free textures for you try :)

Have fun!

New designs from last week :)

Hi Everyone!!
Hope you are having great week so far..

I’m working on a 7thAvenueDesigns website right now… it should be done soon.. and for the grand opening we will have 25% off everything.. wohoo!! :)

In the mean time, here are some new stuffs from last week:

And as usual, these are saved with separate grunge/texture layers so you can have different looks from one set:

Thanks so much for looking :)